Eplan Platform API
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    Eplan.EplApi.Gui Namespace
    In This Topic
    The classes in this namespace provide functionality for the EPLAN user interface, such as adding ribbon buttons to EPLAN.
    ClassClass for modifying context menus. Add-ins can add new context menu items to the EPLAN context menu. A menu item is connected to an Eplan.EplApi.ApplicationFramework.Action.
    ClassClass for identifying Eplan context menus. The context menu location is shown in any context menu when the setting USER.EnfMVC.ContextMenuSetting.ShowIdentifier ist set to true. The Context menu shows a new menu item with the name "Dialogname"."ContextMenuName" When this context menu item is chosen, a dialog with the Context Menu location is opened.
    ClassClass for modifying 'Most recently used' list.
    ClassRepresents ribbon bar control.
    ClassRepresents command of a ribbon bar
    ClassRepresents command group of the ribbon bar
    ClassRepresents ribbon command info object for instantiation process of the ribbon commands. This object can be customized after creation.
    ClassRepresents ribbon icon control.
    ClassRepresents ribbon tab of the ribbon bar
    EnumerationCustom icons to ribbon commands
    EnumerationIdentifiers of default ribbon tabs
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