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Organization and company organization: Basics


An organization is a separate, protected EPLAN Cloud workspace.

  1. You can create an organization at any time in the management center.
    Every organization you create or are a member of is associated with your EPLAN ID.
  2. You can access the organization both in the browser and in Platform 2022.

Company organization

A company organization is a company's own separate, protected EPLAN Cloud workspace.

  1. A company organization allows you to launch Platform 2022.
    This company organization is linked to your EPLAN ID, your serial number and customer number.
  2. You can access the company organization in both the browser and Platform 2022.

To see an overview of the functionality in relation to your role in an organization and company organization, click here.

EPLAN Community

As soon as you sign in to the EPLAN Cloud for the first time in the browser by creating an EPLAN ID, you become a member of the "EPLAN Community" organization.
In the EPLAN Community you can get a first impression and have access to demo products, extras and free products. In addition, you can dip into the "eLEARNING Free" product by watching interactive videos in EPLAN.