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Users have the possibility to store comments in the project. To this purpose the greenlining functionality is available. In contrast to redlinings you cannot assign a status to greenlinings.


You cannot create any greenlinings when you access eVIEW with EPLAN. In the EPLAN Platform no greenlinings are also not displayed.

Create greenlining

Use the greenlining functionality for personal notes. Greenlinings are visible for other users, a status assignment and comment function is not possible though.

  1. Click Greenlining in the navigation bar.
  2. A selection area with a status overview opens.

  3. Click Greenlining in the toolbar.
  4. Select the desired tool.
  5. Add a greenlining element.


Greenlinings consist of a greenlining element.

Edit greenlining

As soon as you have created a greenlining, corresponding properties are saved. The properties of a greenlining are located in the property window. The greenlining has to be selected so that the properties can be viewed.

  1. Creator
  2. Creation date
  3. Edited by
  4. Modification date
  5. Delete greenlining: You can delete the greenlining.


Greenlinings can neither receive a status nor be commented. Greenlinings are only visible in the browser.

Delete Greenlining

  1. Click the menu above the toolbar.
  2. A selection area with property information opens.

  3. Click Delete greenlining.

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