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Users have the possibility to store comments in the project and subsequently share them with other users. The redlining functionality is available for the creation of comments. The functional scope of redlinings can vary in the browser and in the EPLAN Platform.


Redlinings can be created and edited in the browser. You cannot create new redlinings as soon as you access eVIEW via the EPLAN Platform. You can only edit one redlining.

Create a redlining

  1. Click Redlinings in the navigation bar.
  2. A flyout menu with a status overview opens.

  3. Click New in the selection area.
  4. Click Redlining in the toolbar.
  5. Select the desired tool.
  6. Add one or more redlining elements to your redlining.


To keep the overview create only redlining elements that belong to each other with regard to their content in your redlining. Just create a new redlining for each further, independent comment.

Edit a redlining

As soon as you have created a redlining you can edit the properties of the redlining. The properties of the redlining are located in the property window. To be able to edit the properties the redlining must be selected.

  1. Description: Enter a description for the redlining here.
  2. Status: Change the status of the redlining.
  3. Elements: All redlining elements of the redlining are listed in this drop-down list.
  4. History: The editing history is displayed here.
  5. Delete redlining: You can delete the redlining and all associated redlining elements.


Only redlinings with the status Draft can be deleted.

Change the status of a redlining

In eVIEW you have the possibility to organize your redlinings. To this purpose a status assignment is available. The status of a redlining references the status in the workflow. Five different status are differentiated.

  1. Draft: Initial status of a redlining. Only redlinings with the status Draft can be deleted.
  2. Review: The creator of a redlining sets the redlining to Review as soon as the redlining has been completely created.
  3. Approved: After the review of the redlining through another user it can be approved and then edited.
  4. Done: After editing, the status of the redlining is set to Done.
  5. Removed: A redlining can be removed. To reintegrate a removed redlining into the workflow, it must be reset to Review.

Complete a redlining

To complete the creation of a redlining select one of the following options:

  • Change the status of the redlining from Draft to Review, see also Change the status of a redlining.
  • Click another redlining to complete the editing.
  • Create a new redlining.
  • Double-click the schematic.
  • The redlining is deselected in the redlining overview.


As soon as you click a newly created redlining, it is marked as "read". However, you can manually mark the redlining as "unread" again by clicking the circle next to the redlining in the redlining selection area.

Deleting redlining

  1. Click the menu above the toolbar.
  2. A selection area with property information opens.

  3. Click Delete redlining.

Show and hide a redlining in the EPLAN Platform

When you have opened eVIEW via the EPLAN Platform, you can briefly hide redlinings in the schematic.

  1. Click Redlining in the navigation bar.
  2. A selection area with a status overview opens.

  3. Click the icon.
  4. The redlining is shown or hidden.


All redlinings are automatically shown again as soon as you create a new redlining, navigate between redlinings or when the project is updated.

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