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With eVIEW, you can not only open and display EPLAN projects, but also add comments together with other users. A wide range of tools is available for this. You can use them to mark errors or make notes, for example. Your projects are up-to-date everywhere and at any time.

Functional scope

You can start eVIEW either in a browser or within the EPLAN Platform. The functionality and design of eVIEW Free differ depending on the requirements. In EPLAN Platform, projects are created, edited and made available for eVIEW. eVIEW in the browser is mainly intended for users who do not have access to EPLAN Platform. Projects that are made available can be viewed and commented in the browser.

Function EPLAN Platform Browser
Add project x x
Create a redlining - x
Edit a redlining - x
Change the status of a redlining x x
Create greenlining - x
Edit greenlining - x
Show / hide redlinings x x
Offline view - x

System requirements

These minimum requirements have to be fulfilled in order for the EPLAN Cloud products to function with the EPLAN solutions.

Product Version Hotfix Service Pack (SP) Update Connectors
ePULSE 2.8 2 - - -
eVIEW 2.8 2 - - X
eVIEW AR 2.9 - 1 - -
eBUILD 2.8 3 - - X (Cogineer)
eMANAGE* 2.9 - 1 - -
Data Portal 2.9 - 1 6 -

* As of Version 2.9 SP1 Update 5 there are significant improvements in the performance.

License model

License Functional scope
EPLAN eVIEW Demo It is not possible to add your own projects. Instead, you can test eVIEW with the existing EPLAN demo project.
EPLAN eVIEW Free It is possible to add your own projects in eVIEW.

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