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Access to EPLAN Cloud Products in the Platform

Sign in with the EPLAN ID

In the new Version 2022 an EPLAN ID which is linked to a company organization is required to use the solutions of the EPLAN platform. A sign-in dialog is now opened when starting EPLAN. There you enter your e-mail address and the password you specified when creating the EPLAN ID. If you do not have an EPLAN ID, click the "Create EPLAN ID now" hyperlink in the sign-in dialog.


By signing in with your EPLAN ID you immediately have access in the EPLAN platform to the EPLAN Cloud products available to you.

New dialog for displaying the EPLAN profile

A button with your user name is displayed at the top right corner of the new ribbon. When you click this button, the Profile dialog which shows information on your EPLAN profile is opened. The dialog fields show your user name (which you have specified in your EPLAN profile), your e-mail address, as well as the company organization from where you are signed in.

If you want to sign out, click the button [Sign out] and confirm the subsequent confirmation prompt. You remain signed in until you exit EPLAN. The sign-in dialog of EPLAN is displayed again during the next start.

Tab for EPLAN Cloud products in the ribbon

In the new ribbon you have access in a separate tab to the EPLAN Cloud products available to you. Which products these are depends on the organization to which you are signed in.

During the first start of EPLAN, only the command group Dashboard is displayed here with a button. If you are signed in with your EPLAN ID and click this button, the dashboard is shown as an additional window. The command groups and commands displayed in the tab are synchronized with the dashboard.

You can find further information on EPLAN Cloud products in the EPLAN Information Portal.

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