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eSTOCK Collection as new Data Source

You now have the possibility in the parts management to use a collection of parts from EPLAN eSTOCK as the data source. EPLAN eSTOCK is our new central database for the management of your parts in the EPLAN Cloud. Under a collection we understand a user-defined combination of parts in eSTOCK.

To be able to access the parts of an eSTOCK collection, the dialog Settings: Parts (user) in the group box Database source has been extended with the option eSTOCK collection.

If such a collection is selected here, the parts of the eSTOCK collection are displayed in the parts management. The parts can be selected by you but not edited. The editing of such a part takes place in eSTOCK. The new popup menu item Open in eSTOCK is available in the tree and list views of the parts management in order to view parts in eSTOCK.

You can use the two new menu items Update with data from eSTOCK and Check for changes in eSTOCK below the [Extras] button to check whether the data in eSTOCK has been changed and to update the data in the parts management with changed data from eSTOCK.

If you have selected "EPLAN" or "SQL Server" as the database source for the parts management, you can upload parts from these databases to the EPLAN eSTOCK database.

Select the new menu item Upload in eSTOCK in the popup menu of the tree and list views of the parts management to upload selected records into the central database eSTOCK. In the case of parts you can specify whether the selected parts are added to an eSTOCK collection. You upload all parts by using the menu item [Extras] > Upload all parts in eSTOCK which is also new. The data (manufacturer, macros, etc.) used in the parts are also uploaded.


  • You require a Subscription license for your program variant of the EPLAN platform to have access to EPLAN eSTOCK in the EPLAN platform.
  • Your company organization must have an eSTOCK collection and you must have a specific role with permissions so that you can use eSTOCK as the central database in the parts management.
  • Uploading of parts to eSTOCK is only possible if no eSTOCK collection was set as the database source. To upload and edit parts in eSTOCK you also require a corresponding role for EPLAN eSTOCK.

Further information on EPLAN eSTOCK is available in the eSTOCK Help. A detailed overview of the roles in eSTOCK can be found in the section Roles.

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