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Summarized Display for External Documents

The fact whether indexed part properties belong together, such as, for example, External document: File / hyperlink [1-20] (ID 22280) and External document: Designation [1-20] (ID 22279) was previously difficult to determine in the property table on the Properties tab of the parts management. A joint display of the respective representation pairs was only possible in the list via a corresponding configuration of the properties.

To achieve an improved representation of these property pairs, the properties for the external documents are summarized in the new property External documents (ID 22369). From this property you can click […] in the Value column to branch into the subsequent dialog Property: External documents where the previous properties are displayed as columns next to each other and there store up to 20 external documents for a part.

The indexed properties are still available in the reports, for example. Such a solution was also implemented for the new property Schematic macros for company standard (ID 22882).

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