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Extensions for the Insert Center

Improved information area

In the improved information area of the Insert center the most important properties for all preview tiles contained in the preview are displayed by row in a configured table. Depending on the object type in the selected preview tile the table columns show different properties. With the popup menu item Configure representation you can show further properties and determine the display sequence of the properties.

When you select a preview tile, the row with the associated properties of this object is also selected in the table and vice versa. Double-click one of the column headers in the table and with that perform an alphanumerically ascending or descending sorting of the property values. This way the display of the tiles in the preview changes as well.

From the table it is now also possible to insert the corresponding object into the schematic with a double click on the table cell.

Opening assigned documents

For the parts of devices the new popup menu item Open hyperlink is furthermore also available in the information area. With this popup menu item you can open external documents or an image file, in as far as these are assigned to the part in the parts management.

Improved display in the graphical preview for a device selection

During the device selection via the Insert center the same image was displayed in the graphical preview as in the Insert center itself. If you have now selected a device in the Insert center, you are now shown in the graphical preview the macro stored at the part or if it is not available the symbols of the function templates.

Search filter for object types

The search in the Insert center can now be restricted for a specific object type. To this purpose the new button (Search all) is available in front of the field for entering the search term. The button opens a menu which allows you to select within which object type the search is to be performed.

Extended tag display

If you have assigned multiple tags to an object, all further tag folders are now displayed above the preview tiles and offered for selection after a tag folder has been selected.

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