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Internal Database Format Replaces Access Databases

In the course of a modified database technology the old Access databases (*.mdb) were already replaced for Version 2022 in the Parts management by an internal EPLAN format. This replacement is now been continued in the entire EPLAN Platform. Therefore a new internal database format (*.db) is available instead of the Access databases for the Project management (project management database) and for the Dictionary (foreign language database).

Accordingly the option EPLAN is available for selection in the dialog Settings: Project management database and in the settings for the Dictionary instead of the respective option Access. (The command path for the dialog named first is, for example: File > Settings > User > Management > Project management database.)

Migration into the new database format is not required. With the Dictionary you can export the data in the old EPLAN version and reimport them in the new version. The transfer of old data is superfluous with the project management database. This database is loaded with projects by reading in the project directory. This is the case, for example, if no project management database is available or if the database is filled via the popup menu item Load directory.

In addition, the connection to Access has been removed in the Rights management. Therefore there is also no possibility to import a rights database from EPLAN version 2.2 (or older) in the Access format. Only the internal EPLAN format (*.erm) is still supported for the import.


The installation of Microsoft Access as well as when required additionally of the Microsoft Access Runtime component is now only required for the EPLAN Platform when you migrate parts databases from older EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 or older) into the current EPLAN data format or if you want to synchronize parts data from the newer parts management with the Access database of an older EPLAN version (Version 2.9 or older).

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