This functionality is only available for certain module packages. Info / Copyright

Improved behavior of shields

Different improvements have been made for working with shields. Shields can now be placed with drag & drop from the navigator dialogs. During subsequent drawing of a shield it now automatically assumes the DT of the associated cable.

Placing shields by dragging-and-dropping

Shields can now be placed with drag & drop from the connection navigator or the device navigator. In the process the shield is first offered for zooming and then a connection definition point is placed. This corresponds to the behavior when inserting devices.

Shields apply the DT of the cable

Shields which are stored at the cable part can - but do not have to be - drawn. When you draw in a shield subsequently, the DT of the cable in which the shielded connection lies is now automatically assigned to the shield. At the shield you then still have to enter the name of the shield.

The connection property Shielded by (ID 31049) is not necessarily used for assigning the shield to the connection but when it is filled it must also be suitable for the shield (otherwise there is no assignment).

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