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Updating the Project Databases

As part of miscellaneous extensions and optimizations, the project databases have been changed in Version 2023. This has the effect that new projects are essentially created with new project databases.

Effects on old projects

In order for old projects to be edited (or also just viewed) in the new EPLAN version, updating of the project databases is absolutely essential for these projects. Old projects are updated the first time they are opened with the current EPLAN version. At the time, you will be prompted whether you wish to import the project in the current version.

If you confirm with [Yes], the project is first updated and then opened. In addition, a backup copy with the not-updated project databases is created in the project directory. The backup file *.zw1 can be simply restored by using the command File > Open.

If you do not update an old project, you will not be able to open this project in the version 2023.


It will no longer be possible to open new projects and old projects that have been updated with old EPLAN versions.


In case of a program update, you can update several older projects in one go in the project management (command path: File > Project management). To do this select the marked projects in the popup menu item Automated processing. To update the project databases the "Project import" scheme is now available in the Run: Automated processing dialog.

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