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Master Data: Symbols

This section provides information about the new symbols that are available to you in the master data as of the current version.


  • The following pages show a number of illustrations of new symbols from different symbol libraries. The illustrations show the variant "A" of the respective symbols in multi-line or single-line representation (at a deactivated project setting Display rotated connection point designation). The name and number of the symbol are shown underneath the symbol.
  • Several symbols dispose of the same symbol graphic. These symbols do, however, differ with regard to usage in the trades, the function definitions, the symbol properties and their positions. New symbols that have the same symbol graphic are displayed together.

IEC, GOST, and GB standards

NFPA standard

Process engineering and building automation

These new symbols have also been added to the symbol library "PID_ESS_S50". The symbol library contains the same symbols as the symbol library "PID_ESS". However, the symbols have been reduced by 50% in size.

Special symbol library