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Updating the Parts Database

If you work with several EPLAN versions (for example when switching to Version 2024) and have set an "older" parts database of Version 2023 in Version 2024, you will be prompted when opening parts management to update the parts database. If you answer this prompt with [Yes], the parts database is updated.

If you click [No], the parts database is not updated. In this case the parts database is opened, but it cannot be edited, only viewed. However, part or device selection is possible.


  • If you work with several EPLAN versions, you must always use the latest EPLAN version when editing and managing the parts database.
  • New and updated old parts databases can be opened (for example, for parts or device selection) in older EPLAN versions (as of Version 2022 Update3) but cannot be edited. In EPLAN 2022 before Update3 an empty dialog is shown for a new or updated old parts database in the parts management.
  • Because of a changed database technology, parts databases from even older EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 or older) cannot be updated to Version 2022. It is possible to transfer such parts databases into new databases.

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