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Extensions for Calculation Properties

In EPLAN it was already possible to create calculation formulas for project data (for example in the form and plot frame editor as well as during the export of manufacturing data or labeling). The calculation properties defined in this way can be output in reports or in files. Now the possibility to create calculation formulas is also available at many further points in the project:

  • When configuring calculation properties as user-defined block properties
  • When determining the format of indexed block properties
  • When pre-defining indexed formats for block properties at the project
  • When configuring segment definitions in the display format for pre-planning

Calculation properties that were created as user-defined block properties can be displayed in the project and output in reports.


Thanks to the extension of the calculation properties to user-defined and indexed block properties as well as to segment definitions the usage of calculation properties is now possible everywhere in the project. Numerous new mathematical functions and operations allow you to create a wide variety of calculation formulas. This allows, for example, values to be calculated directly in the EPLAN Platform or the determined quantities of specific objects can be visualized in the project.

If you want to create calculation formulas during the configuration of user-defined or indexed block properties, of block properties at the project or of segment definitions, the new format element "Calculation" is available at this point when specifying the format in the dialog Format.

After this format element has been selected, the extended dialog Format: Calculation with many further mathematical functions and operations is opened.

Extensions in the dialog "Format: Calculation"

You create a calculation property, for example, in the dialog Configure properties as a user-defined property with the field type "Monolingual text" or "Value with unit". Select the "Block property" entry in the Display type field and click the [...] button in the Block format field. Select the Calculation format element and click (Move to the right).

In the dialog then opened Format: Calculation you can use format elements to compile a calculation formula. The list of available format elements has been extended considerably here in comparison to the dialog Format: Calculation for the form and plot frame editor. In addition to the basic arithmetic operations, further format elements, such as, for example, mathematical functions (sin, cos, exp, etc.), comparison operations (<, <=, >, etc.), Boolean operations (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) and statistical functions (max, median, min, etc.) are now available.

The new format element "if_error" below the "Basic arithmetic operations" node can be used to have a self-defined error text or a number displayed in the event of an error. This number can then be calculated further despite an error.

In addition you have the possibility to enter a property or a constant number, a constant text, etc. into the calculation formula.

It is also possible to replace an operator by another operator. To do so, select the operators in the Selected format elements and Available format elements fields and click the new button (Exchange).

Comparison operations with complex comparison values

The two format elements "regex" and "wildcard" are available below the nodes "Comparison operations" and "Comparison operations for series". These format elements allow comparison operations of an input value with a complex comparison value. The input value and comparison value are always treated as text. The "wildcard" format element compares the complete character string in the comparison operation and allows the usage of the placeholder characters "*" and "?" in the comparison value. The "regex" format element searches for a partial string in the input value. The comparison value is described as a regular expression. This way you can, for example, determine the values from a series of values that begin with a specific letter or match a specific character string.

A list of the possible format elements is available in the help system in the section "Available Format Elements in the User-defined Properties / Block Properties".

Preview and navigation

For better orientation, the dialog Format: Calculation used in the Selected format elements table has been extended by the Preview column and the familiar Navigation field.

The property values of selected properties as well as the values and error messages of calculations are displayed in the Preview column. If a property has an alphanumeric value (for example "6A"), the numerical value is additionally displayed in brackets (for example "6A (6)").
If calculations cannot be carried out due to errors during the selection of format elements, error messages are also displayed here (for example "Calculation error: Division by 0. (1/0)").

If the calculation formula contains properties and you have selected one of these properties in the Selected format elements field, a navigation path is displayed in the Navigation field. This way you can recognize more easily from which object the property is determined.

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