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Further New Features for Block Properties

The following extensions have been made for the block properties:
- During the selection of format elements the possible actions (navigation and/or property selection) are now displayed through an icon.
- In addition the values of properties or calculations are displayed for selected format elements in the new Preview column.
- You can now define local replacement texts in the block format of a block property.
- You can also have the replacement tables from the project or form displayed here.
- In the project property Block property: Replacement text you can now define up to 100 tables for replacement texts.
- All translation languages can now be selected in the language settings for the block properties.
- In macro projects the values of block properties can now also be displayed in the navigators.

Displaying icons when selecting format elements

If, for example, you specify the properties in the dialog Format that are to be combined in a block property, or in the new dialog Format: Property for calculation properties that specify the properties that are used in a calculation formula, the Available format elements field is available there. The format elements displayed in this field can be used partially for navigation and partially for property selection. Which actions are possible is now displayed by a preceding icon.



You can select a property by double-clicking the format element.

Using the button (Next level), it is possible to go from the starting object to other objects connected to it and select indirect properties there.

You can select a property (by double-clicking) or navigate to other objects (via (Next level)).

Group of properties

Preview for selected format elements

The selected format elements are displayed in the dialog Format in tabular form in the Available format elements field. This table has now been extended with the new column Preview.

If you have opened the dialog Format starting from a marked object and a property is selected as the format element, the property values of this object are displayed in the Preview column. In addition, the values or error messages of calculations are also displayed here.

Defining local replacement texts in the block format

The replacement texts with which, for example, the values of block properties can be replaced, could previously only be defined "globally" in the project properties and/or in the form properties. Now when defining block formats (for example, for the block properties) in the dialog Format: Block property you also have the possibility to define "local" replacement texts.


A local table with replacement texts can be passed on in macros together with the objects used.

In the dialog Format: Block property the drop-down list Replacement text has been expanded by the entry "Use local table". If this entry is selected, the table with the replacement texts is saved directly in block format. To do so, click the [...] button and define a local table with replacement texts in the Replacement texts dialog.

In order for replacement texts to be passed on in macros, the block format must either be defined directly at the objects via an indexed block property or be defined via a user-defined property that is referenced at the objects in the macro.

In addition to the block formats for block properties, the local replacement tables are also supported at the following points:

  • In the form editor at placeholder texts with formatted properties
  • In the display format for segment definitions
  • In the block formats for the configuration of the tree view
  • In the block formats for calculation properties

Displaying replacement texts from project or form

In addition, you now have the possibility to have the tables from the project or from the form displayed for the drop-down list Replacement text.

If you now, for example, select such an entry as "Use table 5", you can also use the [...] button to branch to the dialog Replacement texts. Here you can find out whether a table has been defined for the respective entry. If so, you can view the defined replacement texts there, but not edit them.

Extended replacement texts for project properties

Using the Block property: Replacement text project property, you could previously define up to ten tables for replacement texts (via the index). As of EPLAN Version 2023 Update2 you can define up to 100 tables for replacement texts. You can use these tables to replace the values of block properties.

Extended language selection

In the past the language settings for the block properties in the dialog Format: Block property were limited to the displayed languages defined in the project settings. Now you can select all languages that you have specified as translation languages of the project in the project settings in the Language field.


Through the extension of the language selection to the translation languages you now have the possibility to have texts that are defined by the block properties displayed in a language (e.g. In Spanish) that does not correspond to one of the displayed languages of the project (e.g. English).

If a specified language is not available at an object (e.g. at a function) (because, for example, the translation is missing), the entry that was specified for the translation in the project settings in the Missing translation group box is displayed - as usual.

Display mode for block properties extended by display in the navigators

The Display mode for properties settings can be used to specify whether the properties in the respective macro project are hidden or the name or the value of the properties is displayed for block and cross-reference properties in macro projects. (The dialog is accessed via the command path File > Settings > "Project name" > Graphical editing > Representation in macro projects.) Previously the project-specific setting only applied for the display in the graphical editor. The setting for the block properties has been extended and the now also applies for the display of block properties in the navigators.


The extended setting allows you to have the values of block properties displayed as well in the navigators (such as the pre-planning navigator) in macro projects.

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