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New Layers in Layer Management

In the layer management, new layers are available for working in accordance with the EPLAN Engineering Standard as well as for usage in the fluid power field.

New layers for working in accordance with the EPLAN Engineering Standard

The following new layers are available for property placements and special texts:

  • EPLAN833, Property placement.Macros.Macro properties.File name
  • EPLAN834, Property placement.Macros.Macro properties.Description
  • EPLAN835, Property placement.Macros.Macro properties.Representation type
  • EPLAN836, Property placement.Macros.Macro properties.Variant
  • EPLAN837, Property placement.Macros.Macro properties.Version
  • EPLAN838, Special texts.Pages.Design note.General
  • EPLAN839, Special texts.Pages.Design note.Electrical engineering
  • EPLAN840, Special texts.Pages.Design note.Fluid power
  • EPLAN841, Special texts.Pages.Data header area 1
  • EPLAN842, Special texts.Pages.Data header area 2
  • EPLAN843, Special texts.Pages.Data header area 3


The new layers allow a targeted and flexible assignment of property placements and special texts to layers specially provided for this purpose. Through the new layers it is, for example, possible to adapt design notes or headings without having to change forms. The new layers are also used in plot frames and forms conforming to the EPLAN Engineering Standard.

The following new layer is furthermore available for PLC connection point descriptions:

  • EPLAN844, Property placement.PLC connection point descriptions


This new layer makes it possible to change the size of the texts and further display properties of PLC connection point descriptions separately and independently of the layer previously used for PLC connection points for general connection point descriptions (EPLAN421, Property placement.Connection point descriptions).

New layers for fluid power

  • EPLAN446, Property placement.Connection dimension: This layer is used to display thread information that is entered at the function templates of pneumatic connection points in the Connection dimension property.
  • EPLAN447, Property placement.Part placement.Item number: This layer is used to display the item numbers at the hydraulic devices in the schematic.


By means of these layers you can switch thread information and / or item numbers on or off in the fluid power schematics independently of the layers for the device tags. In the field of hydraulics, most schematics display the item numbers and not the device tags.

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