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External Programs in the Ribbon

Previously the dialog External programs was available to integrate external programs in EPLAN that can be called up from EPLAN. The programs integrated in this way were displayed in the ribbon in the Extensions tab in the command group External programs. This tab was generated automatically and could not be edited via the Customize ribbon command. This behavior has been changed. External programs can now be inserted as commands by means of a new action when customizing the ribbon.


External programs are now inserted in the ribbon like all other commands and are taken into consideration during the export and import of the ribbon. When customizing the ribbon, external programs can be inserted into any tabs in a user-defined command group.

The new action "Run external program" (XCMUserToolAction) is available in the Ribbon tab in the Customize dialog. To integrate an external program, add this action to a user-defined command group. Enter the path to the executable file in the subsequent dialog Edit in the Command line field. Optionally you can specify the arguments that are to be transferred when calling up the external program as well as the working directory for the external program.

As a result of this change the callup possibility for the dialog External programs under Extensions > Interfaces no longer exists in the Extras Backstage view. In addition the External programs settings area has been removed from the dialogs for importing and exporting settings.

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