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Connecting Missing Cable Connections

If a cable connects two terminal strips with each other and not all cable connections were configured, you now have the possibility to automatically generate and connect the missing cable connections. The spare terminals required for placing these connections are also generated automatically. The new command Connect cable connections is available to this purpose.


With the new command Connect cable connections, missing cable connections can be generated automatically and connected to spare terminals of the terminal strips that are also generated automatically. This avoids errors during configuration and in the reports.

Prerequisite for the generation of the spare terminals is that the cable must already be connected to two terminals, this means at least one cable connection must be completely connected. A part must also be assigned to the cable.

In order to use the Connect cable connections command, you must first customize the ribbon and assign the command to a user-defined command group. To run the command, one or more cable definitions or shields must be selected (as main functions). To do so, mark the desired cable definitions and / or shields or a superior hierarchy level in the cable navigator. Or mark the desired cable definitions and / or shields in the graphical editor. In addition you can also execute the command for several project pages that you have marked in the page navigator.

A message is displayed after the action has been successfully executed. Here the number of cable connections and terminals that were generated is summarized.

Spare terminals (i.e. unplaced terminals) are generated in the terminal strips for each cable connection of the cable that is not placed on top. The potential of the cable connections is taken into consideration.

The unplaced connections between the terminals are generated automatically from the function templates of the cable part. The DTs of the generated terminals are entered into the properties Source and Target of these connections.

Whether all automatically generated terminals of a terminal strip are connected externally or internally depends on the connection point logic of the first graphically placed terminal of this terminal strip.

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