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Importing Selected Commands into the Ribbon

When importing a ribbon, it is now possible to specifically select and import individual commands, command groups and tabs. In the process the existing ribbon is only extended and not replaced completely.


When customizing the ribbon you can now specifically add individual commands, command groups or tabs from an import file. The previous modifications in the current ribbon are retained.

To import a ribbon, right-click the ribbon and select the popup menu item Import ribbon. In the subsequent dialog select the desired file in the XML format and open it. The familiar dialog Customize is now opened for the targeted selection of commands. Here the commands contained in the import file are displayed in a tree structure in the list below the field Select commands. You can select individual commands as well as command groups and tabs. As in the past, individual commands can only be inserted into a user-defined command group.

After you have closed the dialog with [OK], the selected commands are imported and then displayed in the respective tab in the ribbon.

The MfImportRibbonBarAction action furthermore allows you to import a ribbon completely. Existing customizations of the ribbon are overwritten in the process.

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