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Changing 3D Views in the Layout Space Using the Navigation Cube

Previously you could only change 3D views of the layout space via the commands of the drop-down list Rotate viewing angle in the status bar or by means of specific shortcut keys. In the current version it is now possible to generate all the views by means of a navigation cube that is displayed in the upper right in the opened layout space.

The navigation cube can be used to set a total of six orthogonal and twenty isometric views of the layout space. You control the navigation cube by clicking its faces, edges and corners. Arrow buttons ( and ) above the navigation cube also allow the currently set view to be rotated left or right in 90° steps around the viewing axis. The button below the navigation cube also allows you to set a user-defined home view as the standard view.


The navigation cube offers rapid change of the viewpoints on 3D objects in the layout space since it is located directly in the layout space as a control element. The cursor no longer has to be moved out of the layout space in order to execute a corresponding menu command for rotations. The faces of the navigation cube displayed in color reflect the colors of the axes of the coordinate system at the bottom left in the layout space - making orientation in the layout space easier.

New settings for the navigation cube

In the course of this new feature the new dialog Settings: 3D navigation cube with the following settings is available:

  • Navigation cube visible: Use this check box to specify whether the navigation cube in the layout space is to be shown or hidden.
  • Home view for navigation cube: Use this drop-down list to specify the viewpoint of the view in the layout space when you click the button below the navigation cube. You can choose between six orthogonal and four isometric home views.
  • Navigation cube size: Use this drop-down list to select the size of the navigation cube in the layout space. You can set up five different sizes, from "Very small" to "Very large".
  • Rotate when changing the viewpoints: This check box can be used to toggle the animated rotation when changing the viewpoints in the layout space. In accordance with the setting, the rotation of the navigation cube is also animated or not animated during viewpoint changes.
    This user setting was originally created for Version 2023 from the dialog Settings: 3D and is now installed again in the frame of the new navigation cube.

(You access the dialog via the command path: File > Settings > User > Graphical editing > 3D navigation cube.)

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