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Extended Numbering for Structure Identifiers

You carry out the settings for the numbering of segments during the configuration of segment definitions in the tab Numbering / availability in the dialog Configure segment definitions. For this version the new option "From designation" has been added to the table Write protection and numbering for structure identifier in the Number column.


During the numbering of segments you can use the new entry "From designation" to specify that the designations of the segments are transferred to the individual components of the symbolic address. This means that it is no longer necessary to manually update these data twice.

If such an entry is selected for a segment definition (for example a measuring point or consumer), the individual component of the symbolic address (or the structure identifiers) adopts the full designation of the segment during numbering. Existing values are overwritten in the process. When numbering the "Number" component, the settings in the Designation numbering group box are taken into account.

In the course of this change the previous entry "Like designation" has been renamed to "Number of the designation".

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