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New Export Interface to "EPLAN Smart Production Collection"

EPLAN Pro Panel now has a new interface for the export of manufacturing data to EPLAN Smart Production Collection.


The new interface can now be used to also export manufacturing data for EPLAN Smart Production Collection. This new web application supports you in all processes of enclosure production, whether during the mounting of rails and wire ducts, the equipping of items or the routing of connections.

Select the following commands to export the manufacturing data: File > Export > Command group Manufacturing data > Manufacturing data > Smart Production Collection. In the subsequently opened export dialog you specify the name and the directory for the target file. The data are output as an EPDZ file. The mounting information of mounting rails, wire ducts and items in AutomationML format is also embedded in this.

In the course of the introduction of EPLAN Smart Production Collection the export interface for EPLAN Smart Wiring under File > Export > Command group Manufacturing data > Wiring > Smart Wiring has become obsolete.

The data of the EPDZ file output for EPLAN Smart Production Collection can still be used for EPLAN Smart Wiring.

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