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Lining up 3D Part Placements without Gaps

Incorrect placement or subsequent removal of mounted devices or items results in gaps on mounting rails, C horizontal rails or horizontal rails. To close these gaps on rails, the Edit tab of the ribbon in the command group Arrange is now available with the command Line up without gaps. The command lines up 3D part placements with gaps so that they are lined up next to each other on a rail. This command also makes it possible to line up 3D part placements at the ends of a rail if gaps exist between the items and a rail end.


The Line up without gaps command provides you with 3D part placements arranged exactly next to each other on rails. This makes devices or items on rails clearer and ensures more structure. Multiple, manually performed displacement actions are also superfluous and you create space for possible new placements of devices or items.

To close gaps between 3D part placements, first draw a frame in the layout space around all the items placed with gaps on the rail. Then select the command Line up without gaps. You then move the cursor over the rail in the desired direction and click the item highlighted in color next to the gap.

If the items are to be lined up at the end of a rail, move the cursor after calling up the command to the desired rail end, where a red marker appears. Click the marker to move the items to the rail end.

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