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New Functionality for Calculating the Total Weight of Enclosures

In EPLAN Pro Panel it is now possible to determine the actual total weight of each enclosure placed in a layout space project-wide. The actual total weight of an enclosure is calculated from the enclosure weight and the sum of the weights of all parts and routed connections placed in the enclosure.

The following parts data are taken into consideration as the basis for the calculation:

  • All parts, irrespective of the trade (for example enclosures, contactors, terminals, valves, etc.): The property Weight (full) (ID 22233) is used.
  • Length-adjustable items (for example mounting rails, wire ducts, etc.): The property Weight (full) (ID 22233) is used. The weight is calculated from the actual length of the item.
  • Connections: The Weight / length (ID 22067) property is used. The weight is calculated from the actual length of the connection.

Prerequisite for this is that you have to store corresponding weight specifications at all the parts to be placed, including the connection parts, in the parts management.

The new command Calculate total enclosure weight is available in the ribbon for the calculation (command path: Tab Tools > Command group Reports > Drop-down button [Generate project reports]).

The result of the calculation is displayed in the property dialog of the enclosure in the Part placement tab in the new property Total weight (ID 36108).


By determining the total weight of enclosures you can, for example, specify the maximum permissible load or carrying capacity of floors, ceilings or scaffolding during the planning of buildings for switchgear. The weight calculation is also useful for the transport of enclosures by ship or aircraft, since the transport costs are calculated on the basis of weight and can therefore be calculated better.

New check runs for the weight calculation

The following new check runs are available in the message class 026 "3D mounting layout" for the correct calculation of the total weights of all enclosures in the project:

  • The check run 026106 determines parts during the calculation of the total weight that were placed or routed in an enclosure without weight specifications.
  • The check run 026107 determines that no calculation of the total weight for all enclosures in the project has been carried out yet or that the value of the total weight of an enclosure has changed since the last calculation.

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