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Compressing a Project

During compression, EPLAN checks which project data is used in the project and whether the project data is consistent. All of the project data that is not used and is part of the scope of the compression is deleted. The settings for the scope of compression are stored in schemes. This allows you to save the settings you use most often for easy reuse.

If you have already stored the scope of compression as a scheme, you only need to select the existing scheme.

Determine scope of compression


You have opened and selected a project in the Page navigator.

  1. Select the following commands: File > Extras > Command group Organize > Project > Command group Optimize > Compress project.
  2. Click [...] next to the Settings field in the Compress project dialog.
  3. In the Settings: Compression dialog, select the scheme you want to edit or create a new one.
  4. In the Data to be compressed field, select the check box for the data to be compressed.

    If you have activated the check box for a node, all subnodes are automatically selected, too. An exception is the setting Reorganize project. Here the subordinate option Advanced mode has to be activated separately.
  5. Click (Save).
  6. Click [OK].

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