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Creating User-Defined Properties


User-defined properties for the project:

  • You have opened a project.
  • You have selected the following commands: Tab Tools > Command group Management > Properties.

User-defined properties in parts management:

  • You have opened parts management. Tab Master data > Command group Parts > Management.
  • You have selected the menu items [Extras] > Configure properties.
  1. Click the (New) button in the Configure properties dialog.
  2. Enter a unique identifying name in the dialog New property.

    The identifying name cannot be changed later on.
  3. Enter the name under which the property is displayed in the project / parts management in the Displayed name field. Multi-lingual entry is possible.
  4. If necessary enter a describing text in the Description field. This is then displayed in the dialogs for the property selection for this property.
  5. Specify the objects for which the property is to be available in the Assignment field.

    For the configuration in the parts management only the "Parts" entry is available as assignment. This entry is not available during the configuration for the project.
  6. Activate the check box Also validate for part references if the user-defined property for parts is also supposed to be available as part reference property.
  7. Specify the characters and the format that are permitted for the user-defined property with the drop-down list Field type. Select the "Multilingual text" entry if the property values are to be translated later.
  8. Activate the Translate property value check box if the value of a user-defined, multilingual property is to be considered for the automatic translation of the project or during the automatic translation in the parts management.
  9. Select in the Display type field whether free entry is to be possible for the property or whether values are to be selected from a selection list.
  10. Select the category in which the property is displayed in the Category field.
  11. If you selected one of the options "Selection list", "Free input with selection list" or "Self-extending selection list" in the Display type field, define the possible entries in the drop-down list in the Default values selection list field.
  12. Click [OK].

    A new user-defined property for the Project is stored project-specifically and is available in the project at the respective object in accordance with the relevant assignment.

    A new user-defined property for the Part is stored in the parts database and can be assigned to a part by means of the User-defined properties tab.

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