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Project: Basics

A project is only visible for the creator, the user with whom the project was shared and the administrator of the organization. A folder is visible for the Administrator and all users.

Supported file formats

Projects which are managed in eMANAGE, must be located in the format of a backup file *.zw1.

Maximum project size

Currently projects with a maximum size of 2 GB can be uploaded.

Download, save and open a project

Projects which you open from eMANAGE in the platform are downloaded and saved locally on your computer beforehand and are only then opened in the platform. This means each modification you perform on the project is local and can therefore be performed offline.

You can also download projects in the browser and open them at a later point in the platform with and without Internet connection. As soon as you have finished your modifications, you can just upload the project again and the updated project is available again for those users with whom you have shared the project.

How to download, save and open projects is described here.

Upload a project

If you upload a project with your modifications to the same folder from which you downloaded the project, the file in eMANAGE is overwritten completely during the upload.

Ensure beforehand that no other user with whom you share the project is working on the project. If another user is working on the project and uploads the project after you, your file is overwritten completely. Note therefore the modification date and the name in the details and coordinate with the other users of the project.


If you have published this project in eVIEW, you have to publish the updated project again in eVIEW. See Publish a project to eVIEW and open it.

How to upload projects is described here.

Share a project

With the eMANAGE role "Designer" you can share projects, master data and files with other users and therefore give them the possibility to download, edit and upload these again. Further information on the role "Designer" is available here.

The main administrator of an organization or users with the eMANAGE role "Admin" can invite a new user to the organization during the sharing of a project, master data or a file and assign this person permission for this in eMANAGE. The user receives an invitation via e-mail both for the organization as well as an invitation for eMANAGE. Users without the eMANAGE role "Admin" can only share projects, master data or files with other users within the organization. Further information on the role "Admin" can be found here.

Projects, master data or files shared with you can also be shared with another user if you have the permission "Edit". If your period of use for projects or master data is limited, the user you invite can also access projects or master data only during this period. You can also specify the period for the invited user. However, it has to lie within your period of use.

How to share projects is described here.

Move a project

You can move a project into another folder using drag&drop. However, no project of the same name may be located in the target folder.