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    MultiLangString Class
    In This Topic
    This class can save strings in various languages at the same time. Each string can be added, queried, and deleted individually.
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    public class MultiLangString 
    public ref class MultiLangString 
    When adding a new language string, language-independant string is removed. When adding a language-independant string, other languages are removed.
    Public Constructors
    Public ConstructorDefault constructor  
    Public Properties
    Public PropertySets internal string representation with format validation.  
    Public Methods
    Public MethodAdds a string in the requested language.  
    Public MethodRemoves the contents.  
    Public MethodReturns whether strings are saved in the MultiLanguageString.  
    Public MethodRemoves unused translations.  
    Public MethodDeletes the language setting.  
    Public MethodDestructor for deterministic finalization of MultiLangString object.  
    Public MethodConverts an MultiLangString to a string. The languages are appended to one another, all having the same format.  
    Public MethodReturns the list of the languages currently saved in this MultiLangString.  
    Public MethodReturns the string in the requested language  
    Public MethodReturns the string that is to be displayed in accordance with the passed language. This may be the string saved for this language or, if there is no such string, a language-independent string.  
    Public MethodCompares every string in every language. If a string is different in one language, then == returns FALSE. If an language string exists in one of the MultiLangStrings but not in the others, this function returns FALSE even if the language string is empty.  
    Public MethodSets the contents of a MultiLangString with a string passed as argument using language marker if necessary. If argument is in MultiLangString form, it will be parsed and saved under given languages. Otherwise '??_??@' prefix is added which means that the object is visible the same in every language.  
    Public MethodReturns a string that represents the current object.  
    Public MethodIndicates whether the MultiLanguageString can be translated.  
    Public Operators
    Equality operator
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