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Migration of Enclosure Parts

The Migrate part functionality is a conversion aid for Rittal TS8-based projects to migrate existing individual parts from the Rittal baying system TS8 to the Rittal baying system VX25.


Please read the EPLAN Disclaimer of Liability Declaration first before you use the Migrate part functionality.

The following conditions and limits apply:

Automatic migration

Depending on the selection in the layout space navigator, a project, the complete contents of a layout space or an individual enclosure is analyzed and migrated on the part level. The following parts can be automatically migrated:


A peculiarity applies for bases / top modules: The migration generates a completely closed base with covers.

Manual migration

Non automatically migratable part placements can be migrated manually, for example:

Required check and post-processing after the migration

After the migration an exact check of the results should be carried out. Perform the following updates and checks at the migrated enclosure:

Correction of the enclosure distance for line ups

Since a VX25 enclosure is 2 mm wider than a TS8 enclosure, an intersection of the migrated VX25 enclosures occurs after the migration of an enclosure line up. The check run P026011 reports this as a collision.

To correct the distance within the line up, select the menu item Edit > Correct enclosure distance.

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