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EPLAN Fluid: Fluid DT Syntax Checking

To ensure consistent and correct assignment of fluid device tags in your projects, a separate checking functionality of the DT syntax that is independent of electrical engineering and is available under Options > Settings > Projects > "Project name" > Devices > DT syntax check > Fluid power tab.


If you identify the fluid devices of your project in accordance with the standard DIN ISO 1219-2 and have activated the setting Fluid power: Use trade identifier as identifier (media code) to this purpose, the Prefix is grayed out and the "Prohibit" value is pre-assigned in the Settings: DT syntax check dialog, Fluid tab. If you therefore add a prefix in front of the media code when assigning the fluid power DT and confirm your entry with [OK], a message will be displayed and inform you about the incorrect structure of the device tag. At the same time, the incorrect identifier part is highlighted in alternating colors and the error explained.

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