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Automatic Dimensioning in Model Views, 2D Drilling Views and Copper Unfolds

The devices of an enclosure and NC-relevant cut-outs (drill holes, sections, etc.) represented in the views and copper unfolds can be dimensioned automatically. The items to be dimensioned and the properties of the dimensioning can be stored as project-specific settings in a scheme. You insert the automatic dimensioning by selecting a corresponding scheme in the property dialog. To this purpose the Model view: Scheme for automatic dimensioning property is available in the Properties table on the View tab.

Automatic dimensioning means a considerable reduction in time required compared to manual dimensioning for the user, in particular when many views have to be dimensioned.


Automatic dimensioning is not possible in the following views and representations:

In the case of repeated automatic dimensioning the old automatic dimensionings are deleted from a view and subsequently generated again. Additional manually inserted dimensionings are not deleted in the process.

If automatic dimensionings are changed subsequently by the user, for example the position and legibility of the dimension values, these changes are lost when automatic dimensioning is generated again.

Automatic dimensioning of items in a row

In order to avoid a confusingly large amount of automatically generated dimensionings at items in a row with the same dimensions, automatic dimensionings are inserted at mounting rails, horizontal rails, busbar systems (supports) and rails in accordance with the following rules:

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