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Routing Pipings Freely

Pipings that were designed as multi-line connections between fluid power items or screw connections on a fluid power schematic page can be routed freely in the layout space.


You have opened a project. The project contains pipings to be routed freely in the fluid planning. A layout space is open.

  1. Select the Project data > Connections > Free routing (layout space) menu items or the popup menu item Free routing (layout space) in the connections navigator.
  2. Enter the two corner points of a rectangle that comprises the part placements and connections to be routed.

    The curve for the form of the routing connection is calculated.

    The routing connections are generated and assigned the specific properties.

    The routing connections are displayed as pipes in the 3D representation.
  3. To modify the form of the freely routed connection, select the menu items Edit > Graphic > Change bending positions, Edit > Graphic > New bending position and Edit > Graphic > Delete bending position.

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