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Pre-planning: PLC Devices

In pre-planning the fact whether devices (planning objects, PCT loops PCT loop functions) have one or more PLC connection points can already be known. The PLC data predefined at the planning objects can be transferred from the pre-planning into the detailed planning or be use d as existing at the devices in the detailed planning. The PLC data are identified by means of the symbolic address in the process.

Determining a unique symbolic address

A single component of the symbolic address can be entered at segments (structure segments, planning objects, etc.) (property Symbolic address (single component), ID 44053). These single components are linked at the PLC inputs and outputs of the planning objects starting with the top node and provide the automatically determined symbolic address. By this means a unique symbolic address is generated at the planning objects.

In the property dialog of the planning objects the symbolic address determined by this means is displayed in the Symbolic address column of the PLC tab. You should not carry out manual entries in this column. An assignment to the PLC connection points in the detailed planning is possible on the basis of the symbolic addresses.

Preparation of macros

It makes sense to work with prepared macros that you enter at the planning objects. These macros contain all the required PLC inputs and outputs. In addition the macros should contain a placeholder object for each PLC input and output in which the Symbolic address property is used as a variable. To this purpose you define a variable for the symbolic address and there enter the property PLC address: Symbolic address (ID 44024) in the form <44024,1> to <44024,50>. The individual PLC inputs and outputs are differentiated via the index of the property, with a maximum of 50 being possible.

This allows the values from the pre-planning to be transferred to the corresponding PLC connection points in the schematic: Through the variables the values of the symbolic address are read out from the PLC of the planning object and - during placement of the macro - transferred to the corresponding PLC connection points in the schematic via the PLC address: Symbolic address (ID 44024) property.


A row has to exist in the PLC tab for each PLC input and output in the macro. The sequence of the rows has to correspond to the graphical sequence of the PLC inputs and outputs in the macro so that the data are assigned correctly.

Linking with the detailed planning

The simplest method of creating the detailed planning is via drag & drop from the macros by dragging the planning objects from the pre-planning navigator into the page navigator. Through this method new schematic pages are generated on which the macros stored at the planning objects are placed. The PLC addresses from the pre-planning are used automatically in the process.

If you have assigned a part to a PLC device that is linked with a planning object in the detailed planning, you can use blockwise using to assign the PLC connection points from the pre-planning to the function templates of the part.

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