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Data Exchange of Parts Data via External Editing

To exchange data it is now possible to use external editing in the parts management. To this purpose the new menu item Edit properties externally with the two submenu items Export data and Import data is available in the parts management below the [Extras] button.

While all data of an object type (part, accessory list etc.) is always exported during the export via the submenu item Export data, selected data of an object type can be output in the tree view or in the list view by using the popup menu item Export data which is also new.

Export settings

As is usual in external editing exporting of the data from the parts management is carried out by means of schemes. You access the settings for the export of parts data when you select the menu items Edit properties externally > Export data below the [Extras] button in the parts management and then in the subsequent dialog click [...] next to the Settings field.

If you open the Settings: External editing dialog from the parts management, different object types such as parts, addresses, connection point patterns, etc. are available when creating new schemes. Possible source objects for a property from the parts management are shown In the Data tab in the Source object list - corresponding to the selected object type. For a specific object type (e.g. part), not only the own data but also the data of associated other objects (e.g. function templates, drilling patterns, accessories, etc.) is output.

To export the property of a source object, you have to select the associated source object in the Source object list and move it to the right using the button. In the subsequent dialog Property selection, the available properties of this source object are displayed and you can select the desired property there.

Dialog for the import of externally edited parts data

If externally edited parts data is imported into the parts management via the menu item Import data, no selection dialog is shown as for the import of project data but a dialog with different import options.

In this dialog External editing: Import parts data you can also make specifications on the identification (via object ID or via name) and the import behavior, in addition to selecting the file.

When the option Identification via object ID is used, the data is identified via the Object ID of the parts management - as is usual during importing. When the option Identification via name is used, the data is identified via their names. Parts, for example, are identified via their part number and their variant designation and data records for addresses (customer, manufacturer / supplier), for example, via their short names. With this identification you can import parts data which were created in external systems into the own parts database.

The options in the Import group box are the same as in the Import records dialog for other import possibilities of the parts management.

Actions for exporting and importing parts data

The new actions XMExportDCArticleDataAction and XMImportDCArticleDataAction are available in the EPLAN Platform to export parts data from the parts management without a user interface and to reimport them after external editing.

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