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Migration of Old Parts Databases

Because of a changed database technology, parts databases from older EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 or older) cannot be used in the current version. However, it is possible to transfer "old" parts databases into new databases in the parts management. To this purpose you can select old databases in the Settings: Parts (user) dialog during the selection of the database source.

If such a database is set or selected for one of the options EPLAN or SQL Server in the settings dialog, the new dialog Migrate parts database with which you can transfer the old parts databases to the new ones is opened. You can specify the name and the directory for the new parts database. If an SQL Server is selected, you can migrate into the same parts database.

After the migration the new parts database is set in the Database source group box of the settings dialog and this database is used for the parts management and part selection. However, such parts databases cannot be used in previous EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 or earlier).


During a migration not only is the data transfered to a new parts database but the old Access or SQL parts database is updated as well. This way this parts database can be opened in older EPLAN versions, for example, to select parts or devices, but cannot be edited. A backup copy of an Access database is created during the migration (for example ESS_part001 backup 1.mdb). We also recommend creating a backup before migrating SQL parts databases.

Synchronize parts databases

In the EPLAN platform the new action "Synchronize parts databases" (XPamArticlesSyncAction) is available so that parts data from the new parts management can be displayed in an old parts management.

This action can be selected in the Customize dialog in the list of actions and added as a command to the ribbon. For successful synchronization you have to adjust the default specifications for the command line in the subsequent Rename dialog.

XPamArticlesSyncAction /srcdb:"?" /destdb:"?"

Transferring the parts data is only possible into an updated parts database (Version 140). A migration must have taken place previously for such a parts database to be available. An updated parts database can be opened in older EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 or older), for example, to select parts or devices, after the synchronization, but cannot be edited.

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