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New Dialog for Customizing the Ribbon

As part of the redesign of the user interface with new elements such as the Ribbon and the Quick access toolbar there is also a new dialog Customize to make user-specific customizations at these elements.

To open this dialog, click, for example, on the ribbon and select the Customize ribbon command in the popup menu. Subsequently you can use the tabs to customize both the ribbon as well as the quick access toolbar.

  • In the Quick access tab you can select commands that you require frequently. These are then stored as buttons in the toolbar - independent of the arrangement in the ribbon.
  • In the Ribbon tab you can customize the ribbon to your requirements by assigning the commands to a user-defined command group. These can be commands from the main tabs, rarely used commands of a tab ("Further commands") as well as actions. Furthermore, you can create your own tabs, rename available tabs as well as change the sequence in the ribbon.
  • The actions available during customizing of the ribbon are controlled via a command line. If you have selected such an action, the Rename dialog is opened additionally. Here you can customize the command line and select a predefined image which is to be displayed for the command in the ribbon.
  • The commands from the Backstage view are available via the entry for the "File" tab both during the customizing of the quick access toolbar and customizing of the ribbon.

Via the [Reset] button on the respective tab you have the possibility to reset the toolbar or the ribbon to the default state again.

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