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New Dialog for Customizing the Shortcut Keys

The specification of shortcut keys is now no longer carried out by means of a settings dialog but while customizing the ribbon or the quick access toolbar. To this purpose you can branch to the new subsequent dialog Customize shortcut keys by using the button [Customize] in the Customize ribbon tab of the Customize dialog. The previous settings dialog has been removed.

The new dialog itself is similar in its functionality to the previous settings dialog. After you have selected a command for a tab, you can use the buttons [Assign], [Remove] and [Reset all] to assign new shortcut keys, delete previous ones or reset all shortcut keys to default values.

If a shortcut key entered in the New shortcut key field is already assigned, the "Assigned" message text is displayed below this field as well as the command for which the combination was used previously.

The specified shortcut keys can be exchanged with other users from the settings by using the dialogs Export settings and Import settings. These dialogs contain the new Shortcut keys check box.

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