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Selecting workspaces via a button in the ribbon

The selection of a workspace now takes place via a button in the ribbon. By clicking the button you open a drop-down list in which you can select the desired workspace.

The currently selected workspace is identified in the drop-down list by a preceding check mark. Through the additional command Edit workspace you access the familiar settings dialog for creating and editing the workspaces.

An EPLAN workspace now encompasses the sizes and positions of the EPLAN main window, the editors, the new Insert center and the "dockable" dialogs. It is also possible to save settings for the window position (e.g. dock, flyout, etc.) for "dockable" dialogs and for the Insert center. The settings of the ribbon with user-defined tabs and command groups are also saved to a workspace.

The workspaces from the previous EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 or earlier) cannot be used.

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