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Backstage View

The solutions of the EPLAN Platform offer the Backstage view as a new feature - the functionality to comfortably edit, back up, organize, print and pass on your projects. You are already familiar with such a Backstage view from Microsoft Office products.

If you click the File tab in the new ribbon of the main window, the new Backstage view of the EPLAN Platform is displayed. Here you can find all the commands and information around your projects. In this view you perform commands with projects. The editing within a project - on the pages, in the layout spaces or in project data - takes place in the main window, in the navigators or the different editors.


By dividing the functionalities - project-specific commands in the Backstage view and commands for pages, layout spaces etc. in the main window - you have faster access to the required command.

The command area is located in the left-hand area of the Backstage view. This is where different commands for the management and transfer of your projects are available to you. Depending on the command selected in the command area further commands and/or dialog elements in the displayed area (right) are shown.

In most cases the displayed area is split into two parts and contains a second, context-dependent list with commands. Depending on the command selected, the associated dialog elements, for example buttons with commands or dialog fields are then displayed on the right.

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