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New File Selection and Directory Selection Dialogs

In the course of the redesign of the user interface many dialogs in which you select a file or a directory (for example Open project, Open form, Select folder) have been adapted to a modern Windows "look and feel". Opening these dialogs now instead takes place by using the button [...] via the buttons (File selection) and (Directory selection).

Furthermore, some fields have been removed or moved in the file selection dialogs. For example, the field for the selection of the file type is now - without separate designation - above the two buttons [Open] and [Cancel]. The Path field with the popup menu item Go to default has been removed and has been replaced through the selection of the default directory via an icon in the navigation area. To return to the default setting for a directory, click the EPLAN icon in the left-hand navigation area and the directory listed below it.

Further new features in the "Open project" dialog

The Mode field in the Open project dialog has also been removed. You now select the processing mode below the [Open] button via a drop-down list. With the "Open" option you open a project in the default processing mode.


You now find the Open project dialog in the backstage view via the following commands: File > Open > Command group Open / Restore > Browse.

Restoring projects while opening

The restoring of backed up projects now takes place when projects are opened in the Backstage view. The *.zw1 file type is available in the Open project dialog to this purpose. You specify the target directory in the Restore project dialog subsequently opened. The restoring of projects in the project management still takes place via the button [Organize].

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