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Basic Projects instead of Project Templates

Projects are now only created on the basis of basic projects (*.zw9). Basic projects offer the advantage that they amongst others also contain master data (for example forms and symbols) or referenced data (for example image files) stored in the project. The creation of projects on the basis of project templates (*.ept and *.epb) is not supported anymore. Project templates can no longer be selected or created. Accordingly the Create project template dialog has been removed. In addition, the Template field has been renamed to Basic project in the Create project dialog.

Instead of the previously supplied project templates, the corresponding basic projects are now available in the master data.

Action for converting old project templates

Project templates from older EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 and older) can be converted to basic projects using the XPrjConvertBaseProjectsAction action. By means of this new action you can execute the conversion of project templates via a command line call, via script or via the EPLAN API. With the specification of different parameters you can select individual project templates, directories or specific file types for the conversion.

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