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Opening a Project (Backstage View)

Within the Backstage view you can easily open projects. Projects that are already opened can be identified by the fact that the project names are shown in the title bar of the main window.

The number of projects that are shown in the Backstage view Open and the question whether EPLAN has to start again automatically with the last project opened is defined in the user-specific settings for the user interface.

  1. Select the following commands: File > Open.

    In the Last used area you are additionally shown a list of the recently opened projects.

    For each project the associated directory is displayed as well as the date and time at which the project was last opened and closed. If the project was opened exclusively or write-protected, the processing mode of the last project state is displayed.
  2. Double-click the desired project in the Backstage view Open in the list of projects last opened.
  3. Select the command Browse if the desired project is not contained in the list.
  4. Navigate to the directory where the required project is located in the Open project dialog and select the project.
  5. Click [Open].

    The Backstage view is closed, and the project is opened in the page navigator.

    The project name is shown in bold text in the bar for fast access.


Via a drop-down list in the Open project dialog you can set a specific processing mode for a project (Default, Exclusive, Read-only). This is, for example, important for working in multi-user operation.

Pinning projects

With the icon (Pin) you can pin frequently used projects at the beginning of the list of recently opened projects. If you do not need an entry pinned at the top anymore, you can remove it from the list of pinned projects by clicking the icon .

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