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Creating Keywords

You can add an unlimited number of keywords to the dictionary. Keywords are case-sensitive. Each keyword has a source language. The keyword must always be given a translation text in the source language, because this text is used as a reference for all of the other target languages.


  • You have created a dictionary or have access to a dictionary.
  • You have opened a dictionary.
  1. Select the following commands: Tab Tools > Command group Translation > Dictionary.
  2. Select the Edit words tab.
  3. Select the source language for the current keyword in the Source language field.
  4. To create a keyword, click (New).

    EPLAN places the insertion mark in the Keyword field in the line for the source language translation text.
  5. First enter the source language translation text in the Keyword field.
  6. Then enter the translation texts for the other dictionary languages in the Keyword field.
  7. If desired, enter a short description into the Comment field.
  8. Click (Save).

    The keyword is added on the left in the list of keywords.

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