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Reserved Special Characters in Keywords

The following table shows the meaning of reserved special characters in keywords.

Special characters



Allows keywords with placeholders to be entered.


Allows you to enter a separator suggestion.

. (full stop) ! (exclamation mark) ? (question mark) at the end of a keyword

Possible. The setting in the field Remove end of sentence character in the user settings (command path: File > Settings > User > Translation > Dictionary) can be used to decide whether EPLAN searches for an appropriate keyword with or without end of sentence characters in the dictionary when translating.

. (full stop) ! (exclamation mark) ? (question mark) within a keyword

Possible. So that a sentence character in a keyword is not interpreted as a character for an end of sentence during a translation, the option Entire entry must be selected in the user settings in the Segment field (command path: File > Settings > User > Translation > General).


Not possible. Reserved for the line break character in the graphical editor.


Not possible. Reserved as a separator for export files.

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