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Dialog Generate terminals (devices)

In this dialog, you generate multiple terminals for a new or existing DT according to a particular numbering pattern. The terminals are generated from the function templates of the selected part, with the numbering pattern defining the terminal designations. The first terminal generated becomes the main terminal per device and receives the selected part.


If you have selected the Consider macro when generating devices check box in the general project settings for devices, and a macro is stored at the selected part, the macro used must contain terminals. Otherwise no terminals are generated. If you do not have a suitable macro available, deactivate the project setting, if appropriate.

Overview of the main dialog elements:

Full DT:

This field is only available if the dialog was opened from the terminal strip navigator. The full DT to which the function will be assigned is displayed in this field. The DT of the device you selected in the navigator is displayed. You can change the DT or enter a new DT.

If the dialog was opened from the Edit terminal strip dialog, the DT cannot be changed. New devices are only inserted in the current terminal strip.

Numbering pattern:

Enter the numbering pattern in this field. The numbering pattern defines the terminal designations.

Part number:

This field displays the part number. The [...] button opens the Part selection dialog where you can select a terminal part. The part must have at least one terminal function template, otherwise terminals cannot be generated.

Part variant:

This field displays the part variant of the selected part.

Number of new functions:

The value in this field defines how many new functions are generated. The number of new functions depends on the numbering pattern.

Number by levels:

If the check box is selected, the terminals are numbered by level. If the check box is deselected, the terminals are numbered by terminal.

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