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Importing Project Texts into the Dictionary

It is possible for project texts to be imported into the dictionary. All texts that can be translated and that exist in the selected language in the project will be transferred as keywords into the dictionary. When importing project and parts texts the entire entry of a text box is always imported, even if the setting "Word" is selected in the Segment drop-down list. Texts marked "Do not translate" are also included, because otherwise the text would be incomplete and could not be translated with the dictionary.


You have opened a project that contains project texts in one or more languages.

  1. Select the following commands: Tab Tools > Command group Translation > Dictionary.
  2. Select the Management tab.
  3. Click [...] next to the Dictionary field. In the dialog that appears select the EPLAN dictionary into which you want to import.
  4. Confirm your entries.
  5. Select the following commands: File > Settings > Projects > "Project name" > Translation > General.
  6. Click (New) next to the Languages field in the Translate field and consecutively select all the translation languages whose project texts you wish to import into the dictionary.
  7. Click [OK].
  8. Select the following commands: Tab Tools > Command group Translation > Import project texts.

    All the selected translation languages are listed in the Select languages dialog.
  9. Select the languages you wish to import.

    If the selected languages are not selected as dictionary languages, the "Language not available" message will appear.

    The project texts are imported.
  10. To check the import open the dictionary via the following commands: Tab Tools > Command group Translation > Dictionary.
  11. Select one of the languages you imported in the Source language field in the Edit words tab.

    In the Find field you will see all of the imported project texts of the selected language.

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