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Create Dictionary

You can create and manage multiple dictionaries. Select the appropriate dictionary for each of your projects.

  1. Select the following commands: Tab Tools > Command group Translation > Dictionary.
  2. Select the Access option in the Management tab in order to then interactively select the *.mdb database file via [...].
    Or select the SQL server option and then one of the last 15 SQL databases used from the drop-down list. The databases used last are listed at the top.
  3. To generate a new database for the dictionary click (New ) next to the fields Access / SQL Server.
  4. Click [Save].

Adding a Dictionary Language

  1. In the Management tab, use [...] to select the dictionary to which you wish to add a dictionary language.
  2. Click (New) next to the Dictionary languages field.

    EPLAN displays all of the languages that can be accepted into the dictionary.
  3. One after the other, select all of the languages that should be available in the dictionary.

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