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Answer questions about the part order

You will be informed via e-mail if EPLAN has a question about your part orders. In the e-mail, you can use the View question button to directly open the details on the part order in the browser and reply to the question there. However, you can also open details on the part in the overview of the part requests and part orders and answer the question there. Parts, which, for example, are on hold because of a question are marked in the list with the icon .

  1. Overview of the part requests and part orders.
  2. Filter: Use the filter to find the part request or part order faster.

  3. Details on the part order
  1. On the start page of the part request, click View all requests. (Start page part request)
  2. Click the part / type or order number with the icon .
  3. Answer a question as accurately as possible and click Send.