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Connection Symbols: Connection Splicers and Line Connectors

Connection splicers and line connectors are logical connection symbols that represent functions. Properties such as device, symbol, function, and parts data can't be assigned to these. The properties of these objects can be evaluated and e.g. output in connection lists and / or bills of materials.

If several connection splicers or line connectors are used in a device, one of them is the main function and contains the part information. In this case you have to assign different connection point designations for the connection splicers and line connectors, even if the items usually don't have any.

The following connection symbols are functions:

Connection splicer

Connection splicers dispose of several connection points and serve the distribution or branching of connections. The corresponding logical connection symbols can be inserted into the schematic as a T-node or double junction.

In fluid power and process engineering connection splicers serve the distribution of the fluid medium in a fluid power system. In electrical engineering connections or cables are branched by means of connection splicers. Connection splicers are often inserted into a continuous connection without cutting it, for example clawed into a wire. A multiple connection splicer can also be used to branch a complete cable. Such a connection splicer is also called a cable branch.

Connection splicers with continuous connections

By default connections end at a connection splicer. However, you can specify with the Continuous connection between the connection points (ID 20331) property that connections between specific connection points are to be continued. Such connection splicers with continuous connections can, for example, occur in wire harnesses.

When connections are created, a continuous connection is created from the partial connections at the connection points that are set for continuous connections. During the output of connection lists and during connection numbering the continuous connections (and not the partial connections) are taken into consideration. However, additional connection definition points are placed at the connection numbering - depending on the selected settings.


Line connector

Connections can be connected with each other through line connectors. The corresponding logical connection symbols can be inserted into the schematic as angles or straight lines.

Line connectors are used in fluid power to utilize different cross-sections within a connection. "Reducers" are used for this. Line connectors are also used wherever different connection types meet, e.g. pipes and tubes.
In electrical engineering for example crimp connectors are set to connect the conductors of a cable.

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